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It’s finally starting to feel like Winter here in NC and both my hair and skin are responding horribly! In these cold temperatures its imperative that both stay moisturized.

In times like this I go to my magic moisturizer…COCONUT OIL! This stuff is freaking amazing. I’m sure there are several opinions on oils and how they work but so far I haven’t experienced an oil as versatile. Here are just a few ways I use CO:

*Hair: It’s awesome for sealing natural hair and ensures that the cuticle maintains all protein without being too heavy. Plus it leaves a sweet smell to your lovely locs.

*Skin: Because it’s so light, CO also makes a great skin moisturizer for your total body. I personally like to use it on my face after a good exfoliation. It increases healing of any blemishes but also leaves your skin feeling baby bottom smooth!


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